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Third Party Risk Assessments

A thorough approach to security typically includes a framework and a defined process for assessing outside risk.

Software Code Reviews

Code review is a systematic examination (sometimes referred to as peer review) of your computer source code.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a comprehensive method of identifying security gaps in an IT infrastructure by mimicking an attacker.

Vulnerability Assessments & Analytics

Our Vulnerability Assessments use expert hacker techniques to identify vulnerabilities in your target systems.

Quick Security Assessments

Sometimes a few simple risk management questions can provide valuable insight into your organization's risk potential.


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Governance is the effective, ethical management of a company by its executives and managerial levels. We provide a thorough and unbiased critique to help keep your company strong and your security stronger!

corporate Compliance

Regardless of who they are and what they do, a company's conformance with regulatory requirements for business operations, data retention and other business practices is critical to it’s longevity and success.

Risk Management

The inability to effectively and cost-efficiently mitigate risks can hinder an organization's operations or ability to remain competitive in its market.




Executive training

Your leadership doesn’t need to know every line of code, but they do need to be competent in the world of security and technology.

monthly webinars

As part of our mission to “Think ahead and keep things simple!”, we provide monthly webinars covering a range of topics from Security Essentials to Password Problems. Whether you are an IT professional or a person that thinks “password” is a good password, our webinars have something for everyone.

computer based learning



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Cloud Security

By now we’ve all heard of the cloud, but did you know it could rain on your business’ parade? Our specialized team has you covered to ensure that your cloud computing and data is secure.

tool integration

Many businesses and organizations have security tools and systems that help them with their day-to-day tasks. However, those tools tend to work independently, generating valuable information, but with no way of integrating it into the bigger picture.

social engineering

The weak link of most companies is also the simplest. Using our ethical hacking methods, we will approach security on a practical level, we will attempt to penetrate your organization through your employees using remote and onsite Social Engineering.